IF Looks different

If this belongs in Support, tell me.

I finish taking a picture in IF, next thing I know, the status bar is faded, and when I drag my finger, a tiny white circle appears. What the… is going on?

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Go to settings, scroll to the bottom and select show touches to turn this off.


Someone also explain the faded status bar?

Your settings makes the status bar fades after 2,5 or 10 seconds. If you don’t want that, deselect “Hide the status bar”.

Go to settings and select hide status bar if you don’t want that to fade away


If your status bar is stuck in a half-faded or completely faded position, hit the settings button (If you can find it) and then re-select hid status bar, so it can resume it’s fading and unfading abilities. Un-selecting the “Hide Status Bar” locks the status bar’s status, wether it’s half, completely, or not faded. You have to unlock it, look at it so it’s no longer faded, then lock it again. Weird bug

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