IF login broken on the S8

Hey so uhm I’m trying to login on my new phone (S8) but it doesn’t seem to be working. If anyone could help that would be great

We need more background buddy.

How’re you trying to log in would be a good start and what error are you receiving?

Are you sure you are entering all of the correct login information? I suggest doing a double-check to make sure you are entering the right password. But just to be certain, Delete then Reinstall IF.

Yeah that’s not the problem. It’s the loading part in game does not progress or advance. My sign in is approved but in IF it doesn’t progress after that.

So you are stuck at the loading screen? And did you try reinstalling the app?

No my game loads fine. It’s after I put my details in and it says please wait but I’ve waited for like 10 mins and longer and nothing happens

Hey guys it seems to have fixed itself now but thank you for all the help