IF Live Problem

Hi everyone, I’m new to Infinite Flight Live and whenever I takeoff, it shows a exceed warning and I want to learn how to get a higher altitude and speed.

249 knots 0-10,000ft
349 knots 10,000ft - 25,000ft

After this it depends on the aircraft and mach speed. For heavies like the 777, it is M0.90

Please make sure you’ve have looked through the tutorials.


Have a nice day!

Welcome to Infinite Flight!!!
The issue you’re likely seeing is the speed limit below 10,000ft. When you’re flying below 10,000ft MSL, the speed limit is 250kts IAS. Once you climb above 10,000ft, you’re free to build speed to the cruise speed for your respective aircraft (this can be easily googled if you are unsure, but most are in the range of M0.80-0.85).

I’d recommend checking out some of the tutorials here on the forum to familiarize yourself with some of the rules and how Infinite Flight Live works. :)