IF Live Community Chat (Closed read desc)

Hello everyone, there was a post just a little bit ago about a live chat for people planning flights or organizing events etc. This is a discord server so you will need to download the discord app here: Discord -‎Discord - Chat, Talk & Hangout on the App Store
You will need to join the server which you can do by clicking here: Discord
I hope this solves that users problem and helps to keep the community active! Any member is welcome, remember this is just a chat room for anyone that plays IF but we need to keep things civil. Anyone found being disrespectful/vulgar will be kicked and not invited back. Thank you for reading/joining! Wishing you all safe flights!

Edit there is already a discord Community Chat for IF which you can join here Discord
Sorry for the confusion.


I anm on so if anyone is out there???

Link does not work @Kevin

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Disregard. I’ll find the correct one.


Isn’t there already a different IF Discord server? @HunterOlson


Kevin said there is but I’m not sure, I created it not knowing so if there already is one I’m sorry.

Ask @tranquil_skyflyer as I believe they are recruiter.

Like others said this is already a thing


Yes there is. I’m part of it. @tranquil_skyflyer is a recruiter. @Chatta290


When I get the correct link I will edit this post with the link to their discord then.