IF Live Battery Issues

When I play multiplayer on IF, I fly for literally 20 minutes and my battery goes down 40%. I have an iPhone 6s. Does anyone else have this issue and how can I reduce the amount of battery IF uses?


Thank you for Contacting support, In order to save battery on long haul flights I recommend…

Turn Down Screen Brightness
Turn Down Graphics Settings
Turn On “Low Power” mode in General Settings
Fly with no Hud
Leave Device Plugged In
Fly in scenic mode to prevent "Screen Burn-In’’

I hope this answers your question…

Warm Regards and Good Luck!


There is a setting for enable low power mode. This limits the frame rate to help out your battery.

Also it helps to adjust your screen brightness and kill background running apps.


How do you get this setting? My phone never overheats though, I didn’t search, just show me if I can get the topic

Put your device in low power mode which can be found in settings.

Do you regularly experience issues with your phone? The 6s has a recall ongoing for battery issues. All of my family had to have their replaced as they would lose their charge really quickly and turn off, its worth checking it out.

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*turn off auto-brightness
*turn off Cellular data (no 3G/4G/LTE)
*Lower the volume level (overall volume for notifications AND for the sound in the game)
& also limit notifications with sounds to as few as possible
*no repeat alert notifications
*turn off lock & keyboard click sounds
*turn off Bluetooth
*turn off background app refresh
*turn off location/gps settings
*turn off automatic downloads
*turn on reduce motion (under accessibility settings)
*turn off rise to wake
*set auto lock to preferably 30 seconds (no longer than 1 minute)
*turn off listen for ‘hey siri’
*turn off allow Siri when locked
*no live wallpaper
*turn off video auto play for the App Store

I had about four iPhone 6 in three years because of batteries; did what I added above & previously what you suggested as well & overall I can notice an improvement.

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Iphones have generally smaller batteries, low power mode reduces frames, and is not recommended because CPU is slowed down. Use limit frame rate in graphic settings.

doesn’t low power mode make your phone turn off after 30 seconds?

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If you’re in a long haul flight, and leave your device on whilst in a flight, low power mode in Infinite Flight General Settings will reduce load on your device from the stunning graphics and reduce framerate, it will not turn off your device ;).

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It might be the wearing of the battery life over time too

No, it just saves battery life

Yes!!! I have an iPhone 6s and I have the exact same problem. I think it’s just because IF is so big and so good that it drains it really bad. I would probably turn down the graphics settings and turn down the brightness. Hope this helped :)

Not your fault. Apple placed a tiny1750 mah [rounded] battery, and that’s pretty small for a phone

Yeah, but with my iPhone when I’m in Infinite Flight the screen never turns off. (Which I actually like) if I need to use ATC services, reduce speed-so I won’t over speed & get a violation, etc.