IF Limits

I have been flying C130 for last couple of days, and I realize when the flight hrs reach 20 or more hrs there’s a 9/10 that the app would crash.

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Members of the community have gotten up to 85 hours before, so I assume this has something to do with your device (or other circumstances) and not the game. :)

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I have flown 48hrs in 787 so not the device.

just because you’ve done doesn’t mean it can do it. My iphone 6 could fly 21 hours can it now? no. Could it yes. my new device ipad mini 5 can easily fly 40 hour sessions. on max settings for at least 10 of those hours. Done it before. There’s a cut off at around 80-90 hours as stated by @TaipeiGuru and If it crashes before then, it’s a device or internet issue. Or you’re just running max settings on a newer device and are running into a RAM issue.


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