IF Library (Maps/Navigation/Aircraft etc)

I am compiling all of my Parking Maps here:


I will be adding to these. Let me know which ones you would like (PM me please). You will find in here not only the parking locations, the taxiway names, I am also now including which airlines fly from each terminal. Hope you like this. Let me know how I can improve.

(For PC/MAC users, these files are also linked to my other charts found in the IF Library. I have provided a separate link since ipad/iphone does not yet have the capability to drill down via the Google myMaps tool!)



Thank you so much. I love your work!


This is fantastic! Thanks for that

Just let me know which airports you would like added :)

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These are awesome!! Please consider adding KMIA! Thanks!

KSAN is pretty simple, would be great if you added it!

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@Bmorera8 here is the link to KMIA. Enjoy: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RQYaZYjRMUMPsEDQm4hcpnXa54GRlzNI


@SF34 here is the link to KSAN. Enjoy: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1F2LAQFV3LXbTvc0V3V1_89QMvE_Vst5e


That was quick! Thanks!

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Great work Kilt! They are pretty cool!

Quick Tutorial: IF Library

For PC/MAC Users you can start at the top level: https://sites.google.com/view/kiltmchaggis/home

Airline Map: Drill Down (Click on Airline -> Click on Servicing Area OR Aircraft used by Airline. Some of the airports in the Serving Area maps have further drill down to NAV and Parking info including which airlines fly from each terminal!)

Aircraft List: Listing of Aircraft with links to the aircraft specs. Also listing of the ICAO ids for each Airline

Airport Map: Drill Down (Click on Country -> Click on ‘Airways’ to review the Airways, Waypoints, VORS, for that country OR Click on the ‘Airport’ map for that country. The airport map will give you futher views of the airports served in that country with stats and an overview of the airport. For larger airports you can also drill down to the Navigation files (STAR/SID/APPR) or you can select the Parking map which includes taxiways and also which airports teminals service which airlines!)


Phone and ipad Users: Your device does not fully support these Google maps. I also provide shortcut lists which CAN be used
Airport Drive - Raw STAR/SID/APPR/Gates/Taxis (Ongoing Additions)
Navigation Drive - Raw Files for ALL Fixes/VOR/Airways (Ongoing Additions)
Parking - Raw Files for Airport Parking/Taxiways (Ongoing Additions)

Simply search by airport ICAO the individual info you are looking for.

This has been a 6 month project for me and is not yet complete. I am updating this info daily. The info is faithfully taken from the IF databases. Please PM me if you wish me to update a certain area which is not yet done. I will then prioritize by the PMs I receive.



This is awesome! It would be cool if you had all of the maps connected, so there was an option for one file, but still very cool!

Hi there. Not sure I understand. The world map connects all of the countries together. Each country has ALL of the IF listed airports. Each airport has further info available (Paking/NAV). If you want to just select an airport by ICAO just go into one of the 2 lists.

Airport Parking Map (Satellite on Google earth): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-UR84lbYzkNUlRPVTNRT2N0cXc

Airport NAV Charts (STAR/SID/APPR/TAXI - kml): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-UR84lbYzkNR3NHN1p1d0JPTHc

Alternatively you can view all of the released airports via the kml file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19em2Bz1z4wmHiE4ES4Ya03dE-EEnoWt2

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If you open one of the map files and zoom out, you only see that one airport. What I’m saying is make a file where when you zoom out, you see all of the airports. Hopefully that makes more sense. Keep up the great work!


From my previous post yes you can do this from the kml file:

Open THIS in Google Earth and you will see ALL the currently edited files in one file. Now the parking details and airlines which fly from there will not exist in this file. It would be too big. My data set has currently

image Airports and
image Fixes

as well as the Airline data with image

will zoom in to ALL Airports


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EGLL Specific FIle has:
Gate Names (Zoomable)

Airline info by Terminal

Taxiway names

Nav Charts for most A380 airports and working on 10k airports

Hope this answers your question why it is not all on one mega page.

You wouldn’t believe how many hours I have spent creating this single source of data.


Thank you for answering my question! I use your maps almost every flight I make. Thanks, and have a wonderful day.


TJSJ can add for me thanks

Hey there: TJSJ is complete

Parking: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14aCZqeAXpFMWmFPQcVoCxTikUHClWD2-
NAV: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-UR84lbYzkNdG9sTG1tdUduWE0

I will fix the Puerto Rico link later.


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Thanks a lot. Good job