IF Landing Competition @ KLAX

Hello Everyone welcome to the 5th landing competition of Infinite Flight!

READ: All Pilots must follow ATC instructions!

Server: Advanced

Region: Southern California

Airport: KLAX

Date and time: April 30-2000Z

NOTAM: This event will take place at KLAX. We will takeoff from Ontario Intl and Land only at 25L and 25R. Please takeoff at KONT only at 26L and 26R. At this event the ATC will be reviewing all the landings at KLAX. We want to see how you handle your landings! We would love to have you here to show your skills! Please attend Commerical aircrafts in a generic livery! If a gate is taken please head to an another gate! Hope you guys will attend!

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You should put the date and time on the topic´s title, Events guidelines.

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I’m doing that now! :)

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