IF lagging

I’ve notice lately that the planes are lagging since the new update for example , when taxing the plane is taxing I notice it’s freezing up almost a bit it’s like choppy… Like I did a 360 with camera around the plane and it was lagging a bit . I was wondering if their is any solution to this and I wanted IF people to be aware of it .

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Just turn the graphic settings down

The dev team works to try and make every device usable. What device are you running and have you set all of your graphics settings to low?

Restart your device, make sure all other background apps are closed, and reduce graphics settings, paticuarly A/C count if it occurs in IF live when busy. These things usually help somewhat. @Joshua_Linsenberg

what is airplane count ?

Go to the settings icon at the top left corner of the homescreen/pause menu, click on “Live,” and it’s the fourth and last option. It controls the amount of aircraft that you see in Live mode, so a lower setting there will likely result in less lag. This should help no?

What device?

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