IF Lagging, low settings

Every time I join live, I experience a lag that lasts 2-3 minutes, and all my device settings are low. I also have 1.9GB of memory left on my phone. Even the setting that shows the pilots are low.

Until I find out the root cause of this, I’m not going on.

Device: iPhone 5S
Version: iOS 9.1
IF Verson: A318/A319 Update


I recommend you close alllllll your apps and than restart your device FULLY it should work than

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is your AA off?


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Sometimes removing and reinstalling the app will fix that.

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Yes it is. I’m trying to reset my device.

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My Phone is still stuffing up, I may not be able to play for a while.

Try to reinstall, i have 5S too and settings on very high and there are no lags for me

My phone is one tier below you (iPhone 5), and only lags when on the ground in the A319/A318 (startup, etc). This happens in live and solo, but not in any other planes. So, even though my phone is slightly worse, I am still able to run Anti-Aliasing and best graphic settings and not experience lag except with the A318/A319.

Lots of widgets or in depth background apps like a cpu monitor, or instant weather update … Stuff like that eats up memory. Also Social apps like Facebook for instance are even bigger memory hogs, try uninstalling and using your browser for webpage. Just a few ideas, hope you figure it out 😎


Am experiencing much more lags with IF on my iPad 4 (64 GB) as well.
Pretty annoying…

iPhone 6 plus here and iPad Mini 2 Cant use Antialazing without lag, only Highest settings with the other graphic settings xD

I have this problem I’ve reinstalled three times and restarted my device 5 times and it’s still the same.

Please list your exact settings, the airport you’re at, etc…

Make sure Anti Aliasing is off, it can be a real killer on some devices.


I’ve made a tough decision, I tried to reset it, and it froze. But now I am restoring it to its factory settings. Infinite Flight and all my purchases are erased. No Fear! I will purchase them again :)

Thanks @matt, I kindly appreciate your words. But that money is good use. Close this topic.

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I’ve had similar problems in the past. One variable that definitely effects my playability online is if the ATC is super jammed up. Anytime my device (iPad 2) has crashed it’s when I’m trying to make screen selections and the ATC is really busy. It never fails. I’ve avoided busy airports with live ATC just to keep playing the game.

If you log in with your Apple ID again. Your IF purchases wont disapear :)

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Same issue here with an iPod 5/9.1 — started with the IF 15.11 update. All graphic settings at their lowest makes it just barely playable. Previously I could max it all out and have just minor lag.

Meanwhile iPhone 5 can run well with max settings :)

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