IF KLM Boarding Review at EHAM (Rain Trend)

Aircraft: KLM 737-900


Sever: Training

It was quite a rainy morning and I was waiting for my plane. The KLM staff were nice and because of the delay, they gave me a complimentary soft drink. I chose a 7-Up. It was really cold like it was outside. Brrrr they forgot to turn the air-con off in the lounge. At 8:46 32 Minutes behind schedule, my KLM 737-900 Arrived.


20 Minutes Later it was Time to Board I grabbed my carry on expecting to go through the front but I had to go to the back! I was running through the rain to get there!


Finally, I got onboard soaking so very wet! I can’t wait until I land…


Copyright 2019 Matt_Croatia001

With Help from @Qantas094

Final Regards: I’m still dry cleaning my suit!


Nice trip report! Jk very nice pictures, well done.


Sure take the inspiration from me.

Also very nice shots mate.

PS, I took the shots @Matt_Croatia001 edited them.


I was the Aircraft Though!

Nice shots :D

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Thanks @Luke_King-kong

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Love that role play of how the delay

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I admit that 7-up was good though glad it was delayed

Yes it was very good

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Nice shot!

But you do realise the inspiration is from @Butter_Boi, right? I mean we gotta give him credit!


One more time I have to say “lovely shots”

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My reply was for the copyright information


Thanks @Helicopterzzz

No problem. This inspired me

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Great photos @Matt_Croatia001 and @Qantas094! But @AlphaSeven is right, Qantas and Me started the trend,


Does it really matter who started a trend I mean it really doesn’t yeah cool you started something. And I’m pretty sure it also cost $300 for a registration fee in Australia @Qantas094 .

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It’s free and automatic

It cost a 300 dollar registration fee buddy

Not sure what website your looking at

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Oh any you know any website you can just search it up and find it