IF Keyboarding: Can't find Map and individual AP command keys

Hi there,

It took me my entire IF life (which is actually only about two months of pro subscription) to realize surprisingly and to my delight that there’s actually a keyboard Command section in the Controls Setting! So I’m just beginning to explore IF here n there and so there might be more things that I could possibly misslook, such as:

I know how to map the A/P button, but where are the keys to (or, how to) change individual settings such as APPR, SPD, HDG, ALT, V/S? And speaking of A/P where can I find the Go to Map keyboard function? Do these exist at all or again I just didn’t look properly (as what happened for the past 2 months lol)? I’ve searched through community conversations but “IF Keyboarding” seems like a rather rare topic.

Apologies if this turns out to be a repeat question. Thanks for your help guys, cheers!

Only the controls that you see listed in the control settings can be mapped. Not every screen element can be tied to a command


I see, it is what’s only on that Command page then. Thanks for the info, Chris, all clear!

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