IF keeps on crashing

Ever since the last update (which is amazing btw) I’ve only had 1 successful flight that didn’t crash. My game always crashes during approach around 20nm from the airport. I’ve tried every solution I could find on here including clearing scenery cache, reducing graphics (making IF less enjoyable), and deleting any flight recordings, but nothing seems to be working. Before the update I had no issues with IF at all. I would really appreciate any help.

Device: iPad Pro 9.7 Inch
Software: iPadOS 15.3.1

Given that you mentioned that you are crashing while you are close to airports, have you tried changing the object density such that it is set to the lowest? I have a strong suspicion that as you start to render various parts of the airport, be it planes or the 3D buildings themselves, might cause your device to be overloaded and crash.

I thought it was that so I set it to the lowest and IF still crashed unfortunately.

The devs are currently working on some performance related issues impacting certain devices. Reference linked here: Support FAQ - Please read this before posting!

Hopefully if/when they release a hotfix it will resolve your issues.

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