IF Keeps on crashing when I open it

Model: iPad Air 4
Software: iPadOS14.6
IF Version: 21.4

I hope someone can help me with this, thanks! :)

I have an IPad Air 3 and this has never happened to me personally. Remove all apps running in the background and try. If it is not working, then restart the device. If still not working, try deleting and reinstalling.

I tried restarting and it still doesn’t work. I’m updating it now to the latest iPadOS software and hopefully it fixes it. Thanks though!

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Just finished updating my iPad and still is crashing…

Check if your ipad is up to date this helped me when i had an older phone

What version does it say?


If you’ve tried restarts and such, I’m afraid the only solution is a reinstall.

Please make sure to do so in the following order:

  • Uninstall Infinite Flight from your device
  • Restart your device
  • Reinstall Infinite Flight from App Store.

This will unfortunately delete your replays as well, but everything else should remain intact.

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To add on top of what @schyllberg you can actually save some replay by exporting them to files if you have a apple device then you can delete the app re-download the app then import you replays back into Infinite Flight

How do you export them if you can’t even get into the app to do so? ;)


Sorry didn’t notice that and sorry for tagging you

Its on 14.7.1 .

Ok, right. I guess I really have to re-install it. 🥲

Thanks everyone! :)

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