IF keeps downloading automatically airplanes


After having done a flight in live mode I find out that some planes have been downloaded automatically while flying.
This is an important problem because it eats all the available storage in my phone which it’s annoying and causes some troubles.

Is there any way to avoid this?

Thank you!

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Hmm there have been various topics about this, I have heard that when you come across the plane in flight it will download it to ensure its of high quality for you to see. that being said I haven’t noticed them downloading themselves for me personally. I don’t think there is anything that can be done about this. I will check myself on my phone later on and get back to you as I don’t have all the planes on that.

Are you playing on cellular data or wifi? (If your playing on cellular data there is a option to stop planes from downloading automatically.) Also another way I think is to go into setting’s and put hide all airplane dots, names, also put the airplane count to low.
It’s all in the live section of settings.

Just tried and it doesn’t work. As soon as I spawned at EGLL, if downloaded all the aircrafts that were around me eventhough I did everything you said.

Sorry about that. There might not be a way to stop it from downloading automatically. But I’d still try asking a dev if there is a way.

Let’s hope any of them sees this🙏🏻

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Is this one checked?

If so disble it.

It is not.

It looks like this doesn’t happen to all, only a few.

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To show this: After reinstalling IF, I downloaded the 787-8 and spawned in KSFO for two minutes.
After that, the app takes now up more than 800 MB and these aircrafts have downloaded automatically:

The same thing is happening to me

Ok. Can you describe the steps?

  • Fresh install
  • Download 1 aircraft
  • Fly online
  • When you were done, other aircraft were downloaded?

Is that what you were seeing?

Yes, that’s what I’ve done.

Thanks for the information.

You guys really need to fix this is taking up space

Tell the devs or something

😂 not exactly a good way to get your point across around here.

I doubt anything will change other than documenting the space requirements for Live flying. You have to download the plane if you want to see it. Best to come to peace with it.

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