IF keeps crashing!

IF crashed on me for the second time today on expert server. The first time was when I landed in KSAN. I figured the airport was too busy so…thats a given. The second time was from KTYS-KCLT: no traffic, bad weather, my ipad wasn’t overheating, or anything. Im using an ipad 10, 32gb. Will this be fixed in the next update?


Have you tried restarting your device? You should also see if your device has enough storage space left to process IF. If these doesn’t work then you can try to lower your graphics setting.

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I’ve been doing that before every flight since there was a time that the taxiways and runways weren’t showing up

In that case, I’d consider lowering your graphic settings. It’ll help lower strain on your device and keep your device running during flights. This include density settings and aircraft count.

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They’ve said… iPad 10, 32GB.

What may help, unlike Thunderbolt up there, would be checking your device storage. If it’s full, Infinite Flight may have troubles operating properly. As what’s been pointed out further up the field.


That might be a good idea. IF takes up a lot of space and I have lots of replays that can be deleted


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