IF keeps crashing

Every time I reach cruise, IF crashes. I have tried:

  • clearing the cache
  • deleting and reinstalling IF
  • restarting my device

I have a iPhone 7(32 GB)
I have run out of ideas on how I could fix this problem.

Hey! Sorry to hear.

A great start would be to read through the Support documentation as linked below & in the FAQ. It could be a number of things, such as graphics settings being too high etc.

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I have read through this already, and I changed the settings and the problem still exists

How much of the 32GB storage do you have available?

I have 6 GB free

How hot is your device when it crashes?

It’s not very hot

If it’s not very hot, but you still crash, then I don’t know the problem

How old is your device? Have you tried deleting all your replays

My device is 1-2 years old, and yes I have.

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