IF Keeps Crashing?

So I tried to go flying on IF today, and I would request pushback, start pushing back, and then the game would just crash. I don’t know what could be the problem, and I was expecting to do long flights today on the Playground server. :/ On top of that, I can’t even hear the atc. Please help!

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Restart your device close all background apps and lower the plane count.

I tried restarting my device already, AND closed all bg apps, not sure if the plane count will help.

The problem you are experiencing down to your device, it’s not widespread problem. You should try changing settings, clean up your storage and unwanted apps. What device you are running and how much space left?

I’m on an iPhone 6, and there’s not much storage left…

Actually I have 77.2 mb left.

Good device, is your device upto date? Try deleting unwanted apps and file, if you got smaller size device try backing up your photos on cloud. You shouldn’t have any problem you are experiencing, the last resource is backup your device and restore to factory and run IF for a start.

Wtf? It keeps going down every time I go back to settings…

That’s not good at all, when you are closer to 1GB you would get warning from Apple. So that’s nothing, try to keep 1-2GB free space minimum.

And it’s a 16G, I haven’t upgraded to IOS 9.1 yet.

I have 16gb aswell, but never had crash. Make sure to clean-up and run, if you still have problem try to Do full reset as last attempt. You won’t have prob with 8-9-9.1.

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Clean up and run, I’ll find out how to do that lol. I have 1.1 gb left now, and I’m upgrading to 9.1. Infinite flight still crashes though… Maybe it’s still the plane count. I’ll see what happens when I upgrade. :)

@FlyFi Press the home and the lock button on your iOS device simultaneously for 10 Seconds, to do a system re-boot. Then ensure that all other background apps has been shut down, and free up some storage space.

You also need to lower your settings-Plane Count, Terrain Quality, Water Qualitu, and Aircraft quality.

Follow these steps and you should be running smoothly.


Thanks! I’ll try doing that. :)

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Woah! It actually worked! Thanks the most. :D

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Good tip Charlie

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Just glad to be of assisstance :) ;) @FlyFi @Brandon_Sandstrom