IF keeps crashing on long-haul flights (again)

Hey IFC,

I’ve made a topic last week discussing the issue that my iPhone 5S still doesn’t fly for longer than 5 hours without crashing, I have tried all the steps and also reset my phone but I thought it worked because on the first night my flight got interrupted by a update iOS message, so I updated and it’s still crashing.

Does anyone have any solutions or tips or is my phone just too old now?



I had this issue with my IPhone 6 crashing after around 5 hours (I have a new phone) and I just gave up and used my IPad

Are you approaching max storage on your phone?

Nope, it’s only for Infinite Flight so it has around 8GB out of 16GB available.

Oh, that’s a bad sign :/

All I could think is, that science the phone is really old (no offense I used to have one) is that it could be over heating and just really old I guess

And you have tried resetting everything?

It’s not offensive, since it IS really really really old. It’s not overheating and is actually very cold to the touch during flights (Infinite Flight Low Power Mode is on)

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Yes, I reset the whole phone.

Hmmm, Interesting, well as BennyBoy said, it might be that time :/

Has Apple gone ahead and throttled your performance settings?

Aw, that’s a shame. Looks like the good ol’ 6 year old iPhone gave up haha. It’s okay though, Thanks.

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Probably, I’m not entirely sure though. I’m not surprised if they did though since it worked fine on the older iOS versions.

I mean, you should keep trying everything you can, until it gets to the point were IF is unplayable…

Well to check go to settings —> battery —> battery health and see what it says.

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I will because if I get a good deal on Black Friday I’ll move to XP11 so there is no profit for me to buy another device.

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I don’t have a ‘Battery health’ thing in the Battery section, It just shows like usage and activity.

Hmm maybe Apple just doesn’t care about the 5S then.

Not surprised, It’s 6 years old.

Well if it’s not working on 19.3 I wouldn’t recommend updating to 19.4 in a few days.