IF keeps crashing even after the hot fix

I have an I Pad 6th gen made in 2018. My IF recently did not crash as much but I can’t even get 10 minutes in without IF crashing. Is there anything I can do?

Have you restarted the app, as well as your device?

Yes I have done both

Hmmm. Is it crashing on the home screen or when you start a flight?

When I start a flight. I make a flight plan then I usual crash after 10 Minutes

Graphic settings? Also, what device and software are you operating?

Rendering resolutions and quality are medium and texture quality is high

What’s the device you are using, and the software that it is running?

I would highly recommend turning your airplane count as it can be difficult for your device to handle.

The device is a 2018 made I pad 6th gen. And what do you mean by software?

Since your device is somewhat recent, I’m going to assume it’s running iOS 13. All I can say is to maybe lower your graphic and airplane count settings, and if it continues to happen, I’d consider reinstalling (but I wouldn’t do that right away).

Alright thank you for the help 🙏

Wait one more thing it crashes when I open IF assistant.

I’d avoid using IF assistant while using IF, then.

Alright thank you

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