IF keep crashing

I was trying to fly an A319-100 from CYVR to KBOS for the third attempt. All three attempts crashed when I’m really close to Boston, the first attempt crashed when I’m descending into Boston, so I restarted my device before flying for the second attempt but it crashed when I have entered the airspace of KBOS. For the third attempt, I restarted my device and turned on the low power mode but it still crashed when I’m on the final approach on runway 27. I really need to know what was going on, I’m a member of Air Canada Virtual, a bunch of my colleagues can fly all the way to Europe, Asia and even Oceania without any problem but I can’t even make a transcontinental flight, if my flights keep crashing I won’t be able to stay in the VA anymore. I have more than 20G of spare space on my device, I’m using an Ipad Air to fly. I don’t have any other app running other than IF and have disabled all notices from other apps. I have done everything I can to prevent this problem but it still happens, can anyone please tell me what can I do to avoid crashing. I want to keep flying in IF and I want to stay in my VA but it really doesn’t help if the app keep crashes.

What version of IF are you on?

My version is 20.01.02

This might be because you have your graphics settings very high for your device, if you have high settings, your device may be overwhelmed. Did your device overheat before crashing?

It is a little hot before crashing, but when I was doing long haul flights before Jun 2019 it did not crash with my current setting.

Exactly which iPad Air is this? And what graphics settings are you using?

Devices age overtime, also, the game gets more complex and maybe hard to load every update since more stuff gets added in. Can you share me your graphics settings please?

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Rendering Quality, Rendering Resolution and Texture Quality were set on high, Anti-Aliasing is off and I did check the box for Limit Frame Rate.

That’s a little too high. If you said that your app keeps crashing, it might be that the device has to load in so much scenery and polygons, especially when you are landing because you have to load the airport too.

But since schyllberg is here, I’ll let him take care of this for you.

Waiting for this :)

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It’s IPad Air, MD796C/A, A1475

In that case, @ZinZowe is spot on.
That is 7 year old model. Running things at high is not recommended and crashes are to be expected.

I would lower the graphics settings and make sure to restart the device before each flight.

See below for more information:

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So if I lower everything in the graphic setting to medium am I still to see the taxiway or runway markings clearly? Will the aircraft quality goes down as well?

Yes & yes.

Got it, thank you very much for your help.

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