IF Journal?

What happened to IF Journal?.. I also forgot what the website is.

Ive been thinking of this idea, I believe we should have a monthly /weekly/bi-weekly magazine for IF based ONLY for Virtual Airlines. Putting this idea out.

I can’t start it because I myself own one. (against bias)


I found the link http://ifjournals.weebly.com

Thank you.

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As for IF Journals: basically this has just got lost in all our other lives. Some had exams/new jobs, some put more focus into Airport editing/IFATC etc.

// IF Journal editor


We have decided to cease operations. It was fun, but we did not get the attention we wanted…


We should make a magazine, cause X-Plane has one FXS has one

Maybe start it back up during summer? And make a separate one for VAs? (or is that too much work?)

Possibly but unlikely and no. (Whilst we were doing a VA report in each though).

Feel free to do your own VA one though (just make sure it is clearly separate from the journal.)

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