IF Journal Virtual Airline Feature

The Infinite Flight Journal team has come up with the idea to feature a virtual airline in every edition. Please take a moment to vote in the poll below so we can figure out which ones you guys want to see first.

  • Qantas VA
  • IFES
  • TravelSky
  • SkyLinerAir

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If you don’t see the VA of your choice, comment below and it’ll be added in!

Want your airline to get a report? Add it here!

  • Air Berlin Virtual
  • Flybe Virtual
  • International Cargo Group
  • Hopper Airways VA
  • Air.expressjet
  • Delta Virtual
  • Paradisair

My one flybe virtual

Add it to the list, click the pencil icon and add it at the bottom!

EDIT- @Boeing707 was nice enough and did it for you :)

International Cargo Group! @Tristin_Woolf


I hope we get chosen!

@Breydon_Verryt_Reid @QantasVirtualAirways what do you think of this?



Team IFES in the lead :)
I’m a supporter!

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Delta Virtual,
Sorry we have been a little inactive, but I have started a new website that will be released soon, over my spring break. I hope to make a more active airline.


Qatar VA. probably the most strict airline in the IF community. Each candidate is tested and ranked. And tested every 6 months

Okay, that is more strict than Qantas VA.

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yo is there a qatar va?

Can Infinite Flight Independent Airline have a report? (http://www.infiniteflight-IFIA.weebly.com)

It has 140 pilots and 56 staff

Yes. There is. http://qatarif.wix.com/qatarairways