IF_Jordan’s Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A (Passed Written)

I will be opening in random times but I will be posting about it 1 or more hours prior to it, joining would be really appreciated!

For departing aircraft: Unless you are flying patterns, please file your flight plan before contacting ATC.

Please only use “Remaining in the Pattern” if you are planning on doing touch and goes/patterns! Otherwise, please use the “departing north, south, east, west" or "straight out” command.



Airport - Runway Used :

N/A - N/A

Server :



OEGS (21/July)
OEHL (3/August)
OJAI (5/August)

by the way, this is only put into ATIS when there is low visibility, i will try to join later!

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Thanks, I really appreciate it!

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Hello everyone! I meant tomorrow and not today, apologies for not being specific 😅

Hello everyone! OEGS Ground and Tower is now open, joining would be appreciated!

Thanks to anyone who joined, I hope to see u in the next one!

Hello everyone! I’ll be opening today at 1800Z, info is above!

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I’m sadly gonna have to reschedule it to 1930Z, apologies!

OEHL Ground and Tower is now open on the Training Server!

Runway in use is runway 36

Thanks to anyone who joined and I hope to see u in the next time!


I’ll be opening today at 1900Z, info is available above!

Ping me next time!

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Roger that!

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Although, I won’t be able to join today due to a prior commitment.

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Today is my last session 😅

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Oh, sorry.

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All good 😁

Hello everyone!

OJAI Ground and Tower is now open, info is available above 😁

Frequencies are now closed, thanks to everyone who joined!

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