If it happened, it's because...

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been lately seeing alot of people reporting reports for no reason.

First off, let’s get this dead straight:

Reported for nothing = Reported for something

To easily say, there is no such thing as “reported for nothing”
Expert server, well, the first word in the title describes it. “Expert”.
If you get reported/ghosted for nothing, you are wrong, because ATC has a reason to ghost you.

e.g. “I got reported for no reason. I was asking ATC a couple times to give me vectors for an approach after they didn’t reply”

And here you go, i can already see the reason why you got ghosted. You simply didn’t wait long enough for a reply! ATC on the expert server is usually busy, and he can’t reply to you. You have to be patient. Thats why you get ghosted for e.g. “Spamming the frequency”.

So to simply say, there is always a reason you got reported or ghosted.

Hope this simplifies everything.



Yep, some guy on expert spammed London ATC for pushback when he was giving ATC to 5 other aircraft.

You’re right, but the most important thing is:
Learn from your mistakes, that’s why I think that ghosting is a good idea.

I would clear up the title, but good point…

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Thanks for finally putting this out there! When people get butthurt they say that it was unfair or as you said “for nothing”. It was obviously for something. Duuuuh

Your do have to take into account the majority of users who are guilty of this have little to no ATC knowledge, so you can’t put too much blame on them. On the flip side, they could at least take a guess at why, and possibly even attempt to find the controller and PM them their case.

There is almost no one hanging on the rope in the Expert Server.

I’m not trying to be the devil’s advocate here, but there still is a chance that the user was ghosted for nothing and that the controller is at fault. (We are all humans after all!). In this cause, the ghost would be removed; that’s why it’s always a good idea to PM the controller if you’re not quite sure why you were ghosted.


Adding onto this – even if you get ghosted and you’re pretty sure you know why, PMing the controller to ask for more info is a great way to learn. You’ll get an explanation and know what to do next time.

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Good thing i always PM when there’s a misunderstanding or issue that needs to be resolved between me and ATC.
And through PMing with Mods, Staff and IFATC i have had great discussion and have gotten plenty of help and advice :)

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Nice clickbait title 😂 on the other hand I think everyone who says that they got ghosted for no reason knows they did but doesn’t know why.

Ghosting is not something IFATCs enjoy doing. We do it, because a pilot is obstructing proper game play. We are accountable for any ghosting we do.

I frequently get queries from pilots that were ghosted, and I agree, many start with “I did nothing wrong”. I agree with @SpeedPlayz here, that is quite safe to assume you did something wrong, or you would not have been ghosted. At the same time I do encourage pilots who were ghosted and really can’t figure out why, to contact the controller, and find out what they did wrong. It’s always good for learning. Before you do contact the controller, first have another check of the tutorials…


I agree that on the expert server pilots should be professionals, but I’m really frustrated with what I see as an attitude within the community that ATC is god-like—always in the right and to be blindly obeyed. I’ve now encountered several expert controllers that have deliberately created unnecessary delays for myself and others. I just wish there was some forum or mechanism for hold ATC accountable the way there is for pilots.

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As an IFATC controller, I can tell you that while you may think that we are creating an unnecessary delay, sometimes we also have to use runways that require long taxis, and vector/use holding patterns so that aircraft can be well spaced out. Remember that we are human, and make mistakes. If there are any specific issues that require attention please PM the controller involved. I accidentally gave an aircraft the wrong instruction and they PMed me to follow up this evening and I made sure they were able to understand what went wrong on my part and that is was not their fault.

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