IF isn't working

hi, i recently had my phone stolen and so i got a new one. i signed into my play store account, downloaded IF then signed in with my account. it said sign in approved but it just keeps on saying contacting server. it has said that for an hour and every time i try again, it says the same.
any help?

How strong is your internet connection? If its weak then that could be the problem?

Assuming you’re on the same internet connection as before, I doubt if we have the look for the problem there. I also assume otter apps that need internet work fine.

Please tell us what device you had, and what you have now.
Did you get a new phone or a used one. In the last case, did you do a full reset of the phone?
Did you close all other apps before starting IF. Could it be your device is running out of memory?

Can you upload a screenshot if the issue?

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i have a gaming wifi so its really good

i got a new phone, i used to have a samsung galaxy s6 but now i have a samsung galaxy a8, and its new so i couldnt have run out of memory. ill upload a screenshot, one sec

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Have you tried restarting your phone? That should be enough in such cases.

ill try that now thanks

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no, that sadly didnt work

Do these steps in the exact same order:

  • Uninstall Infinite Flight
  • Reboot your device
  • Install Infinite Flight

If this did not help, then wait for another hour. The servers might be under heavy load. :)


ok ill try that (fingers crossed)

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it didnt work starley

Could you try using cellular data instead of WiFi?

it doesnt make a difference

Are you using Facebook or Google to log in?
Are you using a VPN?

i am using google to login

it cant be my device because its new, its fast, our network is fast and everything. it must be the servers but this has been going on for hours now.

Most likely.
Do you have a Facebook account to try if that makes any difference?
If not, then wait until tomorrow and try again.

no i dont. if its not working by tomorrow then what do i do?

Let’s wait until tomorrow first and then I’ll tell you what to do next. ;)