IF isn't too bad

When i see FSX 2016 for Android… i see something familiar with Infinite Flight.

What about flat terrains? okay its cape town flat…

But here is more similar to IF (FlyWings)

and aircraft rendering is never realistic, instead of IF.
okay… Infinite Flight have no a lot of details but i feel like the scenery and aircraft is more “clean”


Looks like the day when Infinite Flight came out. Well, minus the buildings and trees :)


IF is way better regarding aircraft rendering.


Flywings has fake names like Boing and America (airlines)

OMG The aircraft lights in the last pic, love it!

Please note all of these games have the worst physics ever.
Plus every single game made by Thetis Consulting is rushed and just extremely bad.


i am not a traitor sir DJ…

I am the first to say all those pseudo-flightsim are all bad. Aerofly takes 2GB, all others “FS 2015 best simulator” are not realstic instead of Infinite Flight…

I have make this topic only for saying that Infinite Flight isn’t bad (some people will be angry because IF dont have buildings clouds etc…)

Maybe unless topic but its for discussing about that. I am sorry

max mode on
Mad GRX sends
max mode off

Its perfectly related to IF because i talk something about similar to IF and for that i have to talk about IF…

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At least IF has official names, not “Emarites”


I think IF is an outstanding realistic flight simulator. But everyone have opinions, and each simulator has different weaknesses.


I like how the comments are extremely mixed.
This is from the IF reviews:

And this is from Aerofly2:

And if you actually went to see the review pages there are tons more, just that those above were more interesting. And people who complain about IF don’t understand this wonderful place called the IF community

Edit: Reading the reviews makes me sick from their horrendous grammar. Ugh.


Copyright issues otherwise.

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Aerofly do have an greatest community than our?
Greatest multiplayer?
He dont have B777? what the heck

Infinite Flight is different than Aerofly, you can like it or hate it, but for a lot in the million people download our sim, its a great place to fly togheter!

I dont have a lot of memory space to download Aerofly but i will trying them someday


Ugh reading reviews make me sick too. I could handle it until I read the “Unrealistic and boring game” review. That troll thought he could take off from water and from the grass! The whole point of this simulator is to make it as realistic as possible and to not do them things. I wish people like that wouldn’t even bother with IF.


its maybe nickchan n°2 who likes taxiing everywhere ^^

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Maybe. I don’t really care who it is, I just hope they stay in solo mode.

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immediatly when we say aerofly vs, infinite flight.
Seems like people see Aerofly and Infinite Flight as rival.

It almost 4 years i fly in Infintie Flight and never i was bored with this sim. So, i think everyone have the opinion what he have.


I must say IF was quite boring before i joined live…it gave me a whole new perspective about the app and actually rate it the best sim on phones.live is super awesome


Me too,
Live have changed my simulation experience.
I wanted everytime to see trafic, flying with other planes like the real world. and i am 100% satisfied with IF pilots


Personally, I think IF is so much better than areofly because the physics are better, it doesn’t take up 2GB memory and it has an online/live feature!