IF is the best flight simulator

There is 20 very high fidelity aircraft in the cheapest model of MSFS (which is cheaper than a yearly IF sub btw). IF has ZERO aircraft that match that level of functionality and design and only 14 (if I counted right) of the aircraft even have live cockpits.

I didn’t undergo hours of training, I downloaded the client and passed a 20 question quiz and bam I now have basically real life ATC in a very realistic flight sim. Infinite Flight doesn’t even let you talk on the radio. You have to navigate through these random little buttons to figure out what to say. If anything, infinite flight requires more “training” because you can’t even access IFATC until you have completed 50 hours of flying and numerous landings. VATSIM doesn’t require any of these.

I personally prefer a cheaper and better product, no? Why would I spend 100+ dollars a month on a flight simulator that barely has any 3D objects, no interactive cockpits, you can’t even fly at night for crying out loud. Sorry but who wouldn’t want a higher fidelity sim? Not all of us can afford to fly a real Cessna constantly so take what you can get.

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Not really trying to get into a debate here, but quick response (also appreciate that you seem to prefer MSFS so given that you are on this forum I’m assuming you split your time between the two).

You didn’t mention my very first point, which is what you address when you compare functionality of the aircraft themselves. I agree that you can’t start an aircraft from cold and dark in IF. MSFS also has very nice detailing from what I’ve seen. However, for aircraft themselves, you are choosing the best number (~20) for your argument. The base model of MSFS certainly has IF beat for GA (although note that both share an HD Daher TBM), but I wouldn’t try and compare the A320neo, 748 and 787-10 to the airliner fleet of Infinite Flight. Liveries don’t even come close in the base MSFS app. So while the aircraft can “do more”, you’ll be flying a lot of routes with generic factory liveries as a baseline (on the limited routes served by those airliners specifically). Some people might like that - I prefer to fly with an aircraft/livery combo that is typically seen at the airports I’m flying at. This relates to my point about having to spend time/money finding 4k HD liveries.

You would be much more knowledgeable about VATSIM than I would be. However, I appreciate that Infinite Flight has controlled ATC by restricting everyone to text selections with a very intuitive UI. No matter if people are tired, playing in a loud setting, playing internationally, etc. there are no unclear comms. Trolling is eradicated completely from ATC comms with such a system. And with a real-world ATC controller as ATC manager, I can trust Infinite Flight to accurately portray a realistic ATC experience.

In terms of price, that’s an individual choice on what’s acceptable. I would likely spend more than I want upgrading hardware to run MSFS on max specs, which would be the only way I’d want to run it (I’m kind of stubborn about only having the best experience possible). I think if I had the time and more interest I’d use MSFS for a bit of GA flying on the side, but for any airliners I’d stick with IF.

I’m confident that the IF developers are working hard on night lighting, clouds/weather, and further aircraft system functionality. I’m happy to wait a while for it (I’ve been here for so long I’ve realized good things come to those who wait for this team). Anyway, everyone has their own preferences and it sounds like MSFS checks the boxes for you. Likewise IF checks all my boxes.

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Agree to disagree I guess 👍

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“Best” is a pretty strong word to describe a mobile game…


I would agree. X plane mobile has much better scenery

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And a better 737


No problem dude

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Well, come on, atleast it has most of the main ones

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To my opinion, it is my favorite flight simulator out there and would highly recommend it to others

Well, I think it’s probably the best mobile flight simulators, except it’s missing 3 big things

1 lack of 3D objects (I know there are some 3D airports but that’s about it)

2 Bad lighting

3 Good scenery (the current scenery is makes me want to puke)

I’m aware that with project metal, all these problems can be fixed along with other things that aren’t the most realistic

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Yes but as you may already know they are going to improve them

I don’t really get the point of all the PC vs mobile comparisons here. I use a mobile flight sim because its the only practical option for me given my lifestyle & time constraints at home.

With a different life I probably would set up a top spec PC and attach yokes and throttles etc and ramp up the experience to as near to real as possible.

I think this thread so far is missing the key ingredients as to why IF is a great (the best mobile) flight sim … Its really all about the user interface! Access to the aircraft controls, views, navigation support and ATC is all highly optimised for a touchscreen.

Thats why its successful… Scenery and liveries, cockpits etc are all secondary items behind those key interface aspects. Controlling your aircraft, looking around, seeing where you’re going, flight planning, following a flight plan, autopilot control, navigation aids, communicating…those are the important things that work well in IF because of the UI design.


When you compare IF with every other flight sim in existence, it is not the best, especially in terms of scenery and features.

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Not perfect
Cult following
And we’re all fooled enough to pay for it just to fill a void in our lives

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Could you expand on this a bit; what aspect of the scenery and which features are lacking when comparing to other mobile flight sim?

In the sense of it being a mobile flight sim I 100% agree, the constant development and updates, as well as an amazing community makes it perfect!

Infinite Flight is lacking many things such as actual weather, with precipitation and all that, realistic airport environment with moving and animated ground vehicles, wind socks. etc. airport lighting and a more wide variety of liveries.

It’s not to say Infinite Flight is bad, Infinite Flight is one of the best mobile flight simulators out there especially with this awesome and friendly community, live ATC, realistic physics and the 3D airports that have been made are super realistic and compared with other mobile flight simulators it’s just mind-blowing how much care and detail you put into your craft. It’s easy to see that this simulator puts quality over quantity and I love that! It’s just these few things that could get Infinite Flight into a whole other level of realism.


Weather is tricky to get right without killing performance but it is something we want to improve as well.
3D airports have seen a lot of improvement in a short amount of time. There are still ways to go but those things take time.
As for liveries i am not sure what you mean, we literally have hundreds of liveries spread across all our aircraft.

I wish ppl would understand how large and complex a flight sim can be, especially with the constraint of mobile devices that can have very different specs.


I think most of the community understand how much work you guys put into the sim. You’re doing really good and each release is highly appreciated, whether some features are still unresolved or not implemented yet. Keep up the great work! Keep your pace.

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I know you guys are working hard at this, I just wanna say keep doing great work. I appreciate all the things your doing for the gam, and take your time. Quality over quantity.