IF is the best flight simulator

Am I the only who thinks infinite flight is the best flight simulator out there? Not only the global scenery but also all the game system brings it on top when it comes to aircraft simulation.

These are some of the reasons:

  1. Global scenery: literally every single airport in the planet is implemented into the simulator.

  2. Wide selection of aircraft and liveries: lets take an example. Flying from Athens to London. Especially in this specific route I can’t decide on which aircraft to choose. The B752, the A320, the A319, the B77W? There are so many aircraft!!!

  3. Community: the IFC plays a very strong role. Not only the whole system, the ifvarb and the virtual airlines but also all users. If, for example, want to learn more about landings there are so many people who will help you.

Do you agree with my opinion? Do you think there is another reason which brings IF onto the top. Let me know by leaving a comment below!


Not true at all, there’s plenty of international airports missing in Russia, China, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and on the African continent that I really wanna fly to


Yes that’s true. But as you may already know infinite flight developers add several airports when updating the simulator.

I agree, if I were to guess Infinite Flight has about 98 percent, which is still very good but not perfect.

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I don’t think Infinite Flight is the best flight simulator out there, but it is certainly the best mobile flight simulator.


really?like which?

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I agree and I am very happy by what is provided in the sim

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I back this completely, I just don’t think a mobile sim has the power to be compared to a desktop sim. This is not to say I’m not satisfied with the sim, for mobile its very well made and good fun at the same time!


wouldnt call it the best sim out but certainly the best mobile sim.
obviously many of the onboard systems are oversimplified or skipped /aufomated to suite for mobile - it is more of an awesome game rather than a fullblown simulator


This thread is misworded. It’s impossible that Infinite Flight can get match, let alone outperform a PC’s performance. Is it the best mobile simulator? Of course. The best simulator out there?

Certainly not.

As someone that has used Infinite Flight, XPlane and Microsoft Flight Simulator, I can say with confidence that this is not true. The base game is more than “decent”. Add ons give the user the opportunity to add what they want to the game themselves, or for them to download one that someone else has made. Something that IF does not or can not offer.

Also false. You can have a copy of MFS for your entire lifetime in only 7 months of IF subscription. Add ons? Most are free, some are cheap, and only a few cost a chunk of money, you would be able to break even with only a few months of IF subscription.

MFS also has a forums.


While i Agree with you

i have to pioint out that for certain countries it is cheap but for others not quite so

Any addon’s price will break even with only a couple months of Infinite Flight subscription.

Smaller places in these countries that some people wouldn’t have heard of. But if you go looking, they’re quite plentiful.

Apologies for my original comment which was quite rude @Ritesh321, was in a bad mood :)


Okay relax here, there no need to be rude.

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IF is my favorite sim, simply because my late 2019 laptop isn’t exactly able to handle any of the newer sims all that well (low frame rate, screen tearing, excessive heat) whereas my 5 year old iPad is running IF extremely well at medium settings

I agree 100%. Best flight simulator on mobile!😁

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Best in mobile

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I agree, one of the best out…. I swear I need a lifetimes subscription haha

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I’m sorry what

Are you actually comparing IF to MSFS


While you can’t compare some of the functionality/detail (i.e. some clouds vs full weather systems), there’s nothing at all wrong with saying that one prefers Infinite Flight over MSFS in a direct comparison.

I for example completely agree with the op and @Aviation_Pro because I would have no interest in scouring different forums and marketplaces finding hundreds of the highest detail third-party paid add-ons just to gain the same fleet size (and livery selection) as that found immediately in Infinite Flight. Another feature that stands out to me against all the competition, mobile and PC, is the expert server troll moderation and professional, easy to use ATC comms. Streamlined, realistic ATC, with Infinite Flight’s implementation, is something I haven’t heard of actually working in mass scale anywhere else (Also I’m a casual aviation enthusiast with real world time constraints. I would have no real interest undergoing hours of training to qualify to fly under professional networks such as VATSIM).

As a final side note, in my book, while I agree the MSFS detail is awesome, if you want real-life down to moving street cars/animals, you might as well jump in an actual C172, right? What I like is that Infinite Flight, being the MSFS of mobile, will continue to implement great new features (clouds, lighting, 3D etc) without needing to go to that last level of “grass blade” detail that I find a bit unnecessary. But who knows? Maybe one day bush flying will be elevated to that level on Infinite Flight.