IF is still installed?

I deleted the infinite flight app yesterday. And now there is an icon named “Fds.InfiniteFlight.iOS”
on the home screen and in the settings storage menu. I tried to delete the icon in the home screen, it delete. But the app is still installed somehow? I also tried to delete in the settings storage menu, but when it’s gone, it comes back again. If i try to launch the app, it will just crash. I do not know what is happening.

iPad 2017 version.
IF version 18.03.0
Device version 11.4

This sounds like an iOS bug. Did you contact Apple?

Seen this a couple of times when installs fail.
Have you tried to simply restart the iPad?

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I have tried to google about the problem, but to no avail

I have restarted the ipad multiple times. But after the restart it brings back the icon and i still cant delete it


I’d say check with Apple. This is not an issue with the app, but an iOS issue as mentioned by @SF34.

You could try deleting it again, restarting your iPad and see if it comes back after that. But if that doesn’t help, Apple is the next step.

I will try that, and contact apple about it. Thank you