IF is offline on Mobile Data

Did IF change to only be able to connect to wifi now? Like I cannot connect to the server just using my Data. Is anyone else having this issue. As you can see in the screenshot I am offline but have full Data on my phone. Does IF only work on WiFi now?

Thanks in advance

Did you check if you maybe have a phone setting that prevents IF from using them? Sometimes it blocks the usage of mobile data for games and apps like YouTube

yes I’ve checked everything so far. I have a Galaxy S21

Hm let me check, I have an A51 so maybe I can find something

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sounds good!

Do you have “data saving” enabled? It might prevent it

yes mines is off.

idk what the issue is, even uninstall the app to reinstall.

And you’re sure you have data left in your contract and the mobile data enabled + stable connection?

yes I have unlimited data.

this has never happened before

I also am having this issue,it stopped when I switched to Wi-Fi,so,able to re-produce iPhone 12 Pro Max iOS 14.2

yes bro! its like when my wifi goes out the whole connection is lost when I get on my Data

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Hello, did you already checked the Flight Mode is disabled before connecting to Wi-Fi or enables the data roaming?

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