IF is experiencing issues connecting to the server...

Hi everyone,
Since this mornng, it is impossible to launch IF on both my devices. I keep getting the message I wrote in the title. Restarted both devices. Reinstalled IF on one… to no avail. I noticed that infinite tracker on my phone cannot connect to the servers either. I suspect a general server issue but don’t see anyone mentionning it on IFC, hence this 1st post. Thanks for your help.

I could probably name something you haven’t tried: Restarting your router perhaps?

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I am not having any issues as of now. Maybe some users and not others? If not then try to log out and log back into Pro. It is the best one I have and may help.

Another thing is if you are trying to launch both devices onto the servers then you can also run into issues.

Are you on cellular or Wifi? How strong is the signal, and have you tried on cellular if on wifi or vice versa?

Thanks for that. I forgot to mention that I did irestart my router as well. Also did a speed test on the wifi which gave the usual “ok” result. Internet is working normally.on my tablet, phones and laptop.

Reset your devices network settings.

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Reset your Network Settings. Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Same issue on cellular data on my phone. Can you please explain how to reset network settings?
Wifi speed is 10mbs diwn and 4 up. Cellular is 4g.
Thanks very much all of you.

See the reset instructions above :)

Thanks for your help. On my phone i never logged in and the issue is the same so i doubt loging out and back in would solve the issue.
Will try on mobile data to see if the wifi is the cause.will update you all. Thanks!

Another thing to try after resetting your network settings(if it doesn’t work) is try restarting your device, but I trust the mods more then myself for solutions to IF problems

On my flight back to Geneva from Oslo around 4 hours ago I experienced a Global Server interruption it was like impossible to start a flight even two hours later

I reset the network settings on my tablet then reconnected to the wifi. Same message alas… could it be geographical issue? I’m down in mauritius island. Also why infinite tracker can’ t connect to if either?

Your best bet is to call your internet provider then. Make sure they aren’t experiencing an issue and make sure they aren’t blocking anything.

How is your cellular service? If it’s strong then give that a go. Be sure to fully power down your device and relaunch the app. Start fresh :)

I might just look myself in my router’ settings. Would there be specific protocols to chek out?

Make sure nothing is blocked. Be careful with overriding settings. Always follow the manufacturers recommendations and instructions.

Will do thanks. Will keep you posted later. Real life kicking in…

I know that all too well. Give the cellular service a try and check with your ISP to make sure there’s no issues there. Let us know if you find out anything and if your able to connect.

Same here in Mauritius and connection issue on server.

Hello @Tep_NEMO & @Jaysen_Nundoosingh

It seems both of you are located in the same area.
Our servers are performing as expected, so the issue is most likely caused by your service provider in this case I’m afraid.