IF Investigations

Introducing Infinite Flight Investigations!
First of all: THIS IS NOT A VA.
We do roleplays for YouTube. The first episode is out!: https://youtu.be/bDJDpNfBe9c

Do you wanna join? We even have position for people without Live!
Video Editor
Scripts Creator
IFC Manager
If you wanna join, PM me!

Proudly sponsored by IFES.

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Oh, and Please share your thoughts on this

I like the consept. It just needs a tad bit of editing work and audio syncing. At some parts the narrative didn’t match the video. I could help if you would like. I’m a really good editor.

Yes I’m saying I want to edit.

I wanted the create an overview at the end so that iš what I did. I don’t know though.
Can you show Any examples?

Like??? What…

Well, okay, I will invite you and we will see further on.

Ok sounds good to me.

How much further on?

We will discuss in our Slack.

Sounds good

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