IF_International's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ PHKO

Unfortunately, I’m already on a long haul flight to LFPG!

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uhm what is pingu doing

@Frankisoul Did you read my NOTAM?!?

Feedback from N29P

19:14:29 - You don’t need to ask for my intentions if I’m holding short of a runway. That defeats the entire purpose of holding short. It’s okay to leave aircraft alone for periods of time if they’re not disrupting traffic, which I was certainly not doing as there was no traffic.

19:14:50 - A simple “cleared for takeoff” would suffice. Telling me to back taxi the runway and line up and wait is a simple waste of time and unnecesary. Takeoff clearance gives me permission to back taxi the runway and use up any amount of runway that I need.

19:18:06 - If I request takeoff remaining in the pattern, that means that I need a pattern direction. Clearing me for takeoff does not do anything if I request remaining in the pattern, it gives me no indication of what I need to do. When I stopped halfway down the runway and requested clearance again, that does in no way mean that I was sending duplicate messages. You should have become aware of your mistakes.

And for as your concerns about my aircraft size, I did check the community. You have the commands neccesary to tell me that I was not welcome at the airport. That was intentional.

Maybe before you yell at others for trolling, you should check that you know what you’re doing first.

You should check the ATC manual. It helps a lot for inexperienced controllers. Although I was only at the session for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, you have much to improve on.


Nah I didn’t see your thread sorry

Airport: PHOG
Server: Training
Time: 2050Z, open for 30min
Freq: Ground and Tower

ATIS: Kahului airport, ATIS information ALPHA, time 1940Z, wind 060@12, visibility 10, temperature 22 Dew point 17, QNH 1019. Landing runway 2 and 5, departing runways 2 and 5. Advise on initial contact, you have information ALPHA.

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Airport: NTTB
Server: Training
Time: 1600Z, open for 30min
Freq: Tower

ATIS: Bora Bora Airport, ATIS information ALPHA, time 1555Z, wind 88@11, visibility unknown, temperature 27, QNH 1011. Departing runway 11, landing runway 11. Advise on initial contact, you have information ALPHA.
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I see you opening your doors…

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rip 4 passengers

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@FlyIf_0011IFPA you should have turned over to left downwind when I told you to. There’s literally no terrain and you can make a five mile final comfortably, without making a sharp turn. Also when you requested departure you said straight out but you ended up flying a right pattern… ;)

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Airport : PHKO
Server : Training
Time : 1610Z, open for 30min
Freq : Ground and tower

ATIS: Kona International Airport, ATIS information ALPHA, time 1555Z, wind 030@10, visibility 10, temperature 19 Dew point 12, QNH 1016. Departing runway 35, landing runway 35. Advise on initial contact, you have information ALPHA.

Tags: @FlyIf_0011IFPA, @Julien_Narayanasawmy, @Icelandair_TeamICE, @SPEEDBIRD101, @Guilherme_Carvalho, @Ahmed1


I’d love to come but im flying right now

Sorry but my cellphone aren’t able to be in any event :(

It’s not really an event :)

less than 20 people

Ye, but my cellphone can’t handle anyother aircraft, because it’s weak
Only 2GB of RAM, and also more than 75% are occupied bytheir own sistem

Looks like I have to close early… no traffic :(