If Infinite Flight didn't exist?

We would have to play AeroFail and FlyCrap.


Is it odd that all these 13 and 14 year old are like “I wouldn’t have become a pilot”…
You can’t even sit the PPL exam let alone reach the controls. Sorry I’m a hater.

Wow guys! Your answers are emotional! Right after I post this we all post


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I already said that.

I know @Bulba for credit!

Theres a POSA flight.

Ok back on topic. Please.

Well I am back on topic, because if IF didn’t exist I wouldn’t say Theres a POSA flight…

Ok then you are.

Without IF, I wouldn’t of wanted to be a pilot.

I would have continued flying as a passenger in planes I wouldn’t even have a clue how they go up the air. Now I can tell what happens in all the stages of a flight. I’ve learnt everything I know about aviation from here.

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Your profile picture looks like a face (Not trying to sound dumb xD)

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wouldnt know be as excited to get my pilots lucense in the future and would not have learend a lot of the stuff i know now

I would still be on the older mobile xplane. Flying the way i thought plane should (flying wrong xD)

Ive wanted to be an atc but i wouldnt have set my mind into it if i had not been on IF. Being an atc here kinda encouraged me to be one in realife. Theres also the region i live in and that might add to my interest talk with my employer in the future =p i dont have a pc and i dont have alot of money so being on IF is making do with everything i have.

But ultimately its the IF community that taught me a whole bunch of things i wouldnt know, and IF is my theory put to practice =)


So there’s something wrong with getting youth interested in becoming the next generation of pilots? Yes I do understand that your message said “become a pilot” which is not possible at that age, but youth can do introductory flights and even become students at those ages.

I’d go into a corner and cry… and cry… and cry…

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I would be playing more CoC and I will still like my buses

I would actually leave my house if IF didn’t exist

Hahaha if and that is if IF didn’t exist a lot of “good” things would have happened to the weekend parties i missed out…you know what i mean right!?but IF has always kept me busy weekends

He’s 14, and you can train at that age to achieve your private pilots license.