If Infinite Flight didn't exist?

I would still be uploading flash game videos and playing mine craft, and Fifa 16 on the iPad.

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And you would be creating your own levels for Plague Inc. Evolved.

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I’m sorry but his just ruined my day.😧

I don’t even have that game, yet…

Only the mobile one.

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Buy it, its a great game.

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Will do.

Back on topic.

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I would probobly end up where I am now honestly.

I have always kinda been well educated in aeronautics and always will be. I had already planned on getting my license. I just play IF when I feel the need to play a good simulator with some good people. 😀You all are great!


I would not have my favorite activity - and the skies and more importantly the flight deck would still be an intriguing mystery to me. Scary thoughts all around, though.

If Infinite Flight didn’t exist, Maybe I’m still trapped in “Baymax” Fandom :p or X-Plane/FSX

1st Reason : I was one of the Fanatics of the movie :p
2nd Reason : My Friend is an AvGeek

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I would have real life friends.


You have us :P

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Well, I’ll edit that. “Real Life Friends”.


Lough out loud.

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*Laugh (Maybe you meant)

Well I would have a lot more time on my gands

If IF didn’t exist I wouldn’t be here😂😂

On the IFC 😂

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I’d probably using FSX a lot more. I hardly use it, the prices for the addons are too damn high.

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If IF doesn’t excist I Will buy a Microsoft computer and be an ATC on vatsim

But without IF I never hade the basis of being ATC, and my english Will be worser then it is now:)

I would not have a clue about many things I know about planes and ATC, and still wouldn’t be able to land on FSX.

I also wouldn’t be able to say ‘Dush Bed’ :)