If Infinite Flight didn't exist?

How would life have been different if IF didn’t exist! I wouldn’t be on this website and at Flight School!
Tell me your opinion.

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Flight school? Your only 13 is it like a youth club?

Infinite Flight is Life. @bot is life too.
My life would be so different without IF I can’t even begin to explain!


Nice answer!

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I don’t think I would of wanted to become a pilot.


I would be so bored in my free time and probably won’t even care that much about games or gadgets.


I’d be on X-Plane.


Instead of Xplane try Flight Simulator X

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I can’t imagine what my life would be like without IF. I spend so much time on either the forum or using the sim.


Hmm…wouldn’t be soooo bad. There’s always aerofly and X-plane.

I would still be mucking around on train and bus simulators. I wouldn’t have anything in mind for a future career.

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If Infinite Flight didn’t exist?

Then I would carry on with World of Tanks Blitz, and I wouldn’t care for flight simulators at all.


If IF wasn’t around, I’d be playing Real Racing 3. And I wouldn’t know half the things I know about planes.


I probably would have kept playing X-plane 9 for Android. I wouldn´t have known how to make a proper landing, and I wouldn´t know what does ILS mean.

If Infinite Flight wasn’t here

  1. I wouldn’t have thought of making my flight channel

  2. I wouldn’t be Bulba

  3. I would still aim for being a pilot but I would be uneducated until I found Smithsonian Channel.

  4. I would have never known about this place and people here.

  5. I would be playing Mario, Pokemon, or Minecraft instead of playing Infinite Flight

#Infinite Flight=Life.


Probably would be playing grand theft auto to fly the planes as I don’t have a computer thats able to run FSX decently…


Wouldn’t be taking flight lessons, and would be bored as hell.

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Well, I would say infinite flight greatly increased my interest in aviation. I wouldn’t know much about planes and wouldnt start to get my license if I hadn’t found IF. Infinite Flight sparked something that will affect my life forever!

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I probably wouldn’t have the slightest idea about or interest in air traffic control.