IF Incident Report Thread


So I thought this would be fun to try out! Often I see people create a whole topic about something that happened to them In game that would be considered an ‘incident’. So why not create a tracking thread for it.

Use this Format:

Last Updated: 14:10Z 29.12.2016

December 2016


I think there was a similar topic like this in the past. But seems the other one is already old and inactive. CMIIW


Read the reason why it was closed :)


True, but this isn’t about ‘emergencies’. Incidents that I’m talking about are slightly different, and the kind that can be dealt with in-game. I’m not suggesting people start posting about Engine-Failure because that’s clearly not possible in the game.

Simply incidents like ‘go-arounds’ or runway incidents etc. Things that can actually happen in IF.


I’m guessing this is what he intends? It should be fine if we can keep it orderly (which may be impossible :P)

EDIT: Alternatively, leave it as a wiki, let regulars add on to OP
Reduces the clutter
Maybe use something like
201712291309Z TS1 WSSS SNP135 @sniperguy135 Excursion of region, prompt change of direction back into region

(and yes, that really just happened XD)

EDIT 2: I’m sorry but you’ll have to requote
I didn’t put my plane X(

201712291309Z TS1 WSSS A318 SNP135 @sniperguy135 Excursion of region, prompt change of direction back into region


@SingaporeAirlines @sniperguy135
Thanks! I think a new post each month would be easier to follow. Plus there is a tag restriction per post I beleive.


They were closed because the moderators do not encourage such threads.

Well, I’m assuming it was closed because:

However, as I have stated, this is not for ‘pretend emergencies’, but for incidents people have in the game. Sort of what you see on the AH, but with IF incidents such as go-arounds due to traffic not responding, which is possible in IF, and happens often enough.

I’ve looked through the last topic. This is not a ‘flight accident board’, nor am I asking for posts like these:

But if a MOD sees that this needs to be closed, then I have no problem with that.

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Max had not intention of introducing or supporting IF Incidant/accident reporting on the Forum. There is insufficient main frame storage space or mature interest in such a venture. TR-1 weekly accident/Incidant reporting would overwhelm the RAM capacity of my Pad as well. Like Features which is a dump for photo freaks this “Feature” is a non-Starter. Fagedaboutit!

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I was referring to @AlexH
He probably wanted to do something like your incident reports
Sorry for the misunderstanding :)


This thread is fine lads and lasses. Pipe down