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9 December 2017 | Training Server | KLAX | MD11 | FDX 153 Heavy |Columbia Air Force|
Was climbing out of LAX when a DC-10F that was a air tanker got really close to my aircraft, to the point where I could see it out of my window. I didn’t notice because I was out of my cockpit (out of my phone) in the lavatory. After, I saw the DC-10F and attempted to make a right turn to dodge him, but the DC-10F went full N1 and went off without me ever seeing it again.

Weird stuff, weird, weird stuff.


Simple, a few weeks back, 787 Sydney to London, ran out of fuel at 7000ft when making a landing at Amsterdam. I glided the plane safety to 18R and touched down like butter on bread, then taxied to the parking lot


You do know that after you apply the brakes on the tarmac after exiting the runway you can fuel up again right? Because one time I saw this person pushing back all the way from the runway to the parking because he was out of fuel.


Yes but I prefer realism, I needed to go to the parking lot


When there is a emergency request declared for fuel, I’m pretty sure the second you land and stop brakes to 0 there would be emergency trucks waiting with fuel ready to refuel you so you can taxi to the gate. So it would be more realistic if you refueled a bit before you went to the taxi gate.

hint hint (to the devs)
never had any… wish i had an engile fail on me or something lol

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There is a button where you can turn it off.

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i meant unexpectedly or naturally.

Yes I know this can be “bad” but should have a menu like xplane’s where u can select certain scenarios to happen inflight

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It’s a good idea, the only trouble is you will have to stay in front of your device

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@Qantas737guy Qas this approved by a moderator?

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Yes sir it was approved by a mod

Ok, and also B757 SFO- LAX | on decent LAX, then Grade 1 in an F 22 flys right threw me and makes me loose control. That is why you never give a jet to a grade 1

160900Z2017DEC // Expert Server // UPS 78 // MD-11F// UHPP // @Kyle.Plane

UPS 78 was a routine flight from PANC-VHHH. While flying over the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky region in Russia, the aircraft experienced failure of engine #2. An emergency descent was initiated (shown below) and started to divert course to UHPP (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport). While turning onto final, engine #3 failed. Flaps and gear deployment were delayed to keep speed. Unfortunately when full flaps were engaged, the aircraft lost speed and made a very hard landing onto a road just short of the runway. The aircraft’s front gear collapsed, and the aircraft continued to move into a fence and onto the runway. The pilots escaped unscathed and there were no casualties on the ground. The ATSB decided that the initial cause was engine failure, but the cause for the crash was pilot error. The aircraft incurred severe damage and was written off.

Final Report


I forgot / TS / Northwest 228 / A319 / KMFR

Northwest 228 was a flight from SFO-SEA when the plane had to divert to MFR due to a mechanical failure.

On approach the A319 was too high and had to do loops to lose altitude and on final approach to MFR the aircraft stalled and hit a swampland in low visibility. All on board died.

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yea but most of these planes have warnings
I keep my device close to me so I would most likely hear it

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A TS1 Los Angeles controller would have enough incidents to report for years.


this might be a stupid question but when your wheel goes into the ground that means that your landing gear collapses or crash ?

Landing gear collapse

ahh makes sense now
always thought it was a glitch