IF in 2023

hey there,

anyone knows or has any thoughts on what changes we might see in the sim next year?



Challenger 350 will be added and the A380 will be reworked. That’s the big things…


As far as changes who knows? Aircrafts that are coming are the A380 and the challenger 350.

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To have precipitation added next year would be awesome! Not sure if it will happen though.


I hope for realistic lighting the most and hope that it will be possible to implement some time next year!


I don’t know if the developers address treating this, but I would think it should be feasible to have realistic radio frequencies (i.e you can input this manually), or even altimeters or transponders ?

The risk with this is the pilot accidentally putting the wrong number in - it could cause a lot of communication issues. Or pilots having no clue how to do it properly.

I think our current radio tuning system is good enough….

Hopefully atmospheric and weather improvements. Including clouds.
And already mentioned: lighting improvement. IF is still one of the best simulators out there. However, competitors don’t sleep. And I hope IF can keep the pace with the overhaul of its graphic engine. Planes and airports are still benchmark for a mobile sim.

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In 2023 I’m hoping for:

Weather and Lighting Improvements
Ground Services Improvements
APPR MODE revamp (it seriously needs work imo)
A/P improvements in general

  • some smaller things that aren’t worth listing…

My dreams are:

*realistic engine sounds🔊
*taxi lights on aircraft🔦
*Turkish B738 🛩
*Pegasus A320🚚
*AnadoluJet B738💺
*EGLL - EHAM (El Classico)⏲️
*LFPG - EGLL (Il Fenomeno)🏟


I’m confused…we have these airports in Infinite Flight…

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They are always in my list. I just need improvements on them😁

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Also i have to add;

SunExpress B738🛺
Corendon B738🛻

I just want that everyone is happy and have a good health in 2023 🙂


There is nothing specific that I would like to see added in Infinite Flight for 2023!

All I know is that if 2023 is anything close to 2022 then we are in for a treat.

The hard work that the entire Infinite Flight team do each and every update is what keeps Infinite Flight ahead of the competition and makes Infinite Flight what it is today!

Here’s to 2023!

All I hope is that the A380 is out on time and that O’Hare and KDFW are both 3D

Apart of the big things mentioned, hopefully we can have sloped runways. Sloped / bumpy runways= fun.

It seems complicated tho…

There’s no set timeframe…it will be done when its done.

Just hope Challenger 350 would be released and that we have some improvements for taxiway lighting

El Classico group flight event lol :D

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