IF in 1 GB RAM phone

Well it depends on a lot of things, if you have a lot of RAM, and a weak processor, the ram won’t be the limiting factor, but to a point more RAM almost always means more performance…

if you weren’t flexing, then what was the purpose of posting that?

I’m stating that even with 8GB, I don’t know how much my phone uses either so I cannot answer his/her question so I would have liked someone to continue to answer the question.

There’s an amazing feature on this forum called a “Private Message”. I suggest in future you utilise it, as once again the OP is being flooded with comments that really don’t matter and could be either taken somewhere else, or not said at all.

One of the main reasons support topics and device questions become more confusing and longer than they ever needed to be 🤷

It would be a struggle. My old phone had 2GB RAM and that struggled even at low graphics. You can always try however it may not work

Razer phones be like

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