IF in 1 GB RAM phone

Hey! just a quick question…
Can we play IF in 1 GB RAM phone with the lowest graphics and rendering possible??



My phone has 8GB, I’m not sure how much RAM it uses nor do I understand your question :/


lol thanks anyway

I believe they said it was 2GB ram needed! Might be different now

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I can give you a first hand experience with 1GB of ram, it’s very slow and laggy especially at busy airports. You would need your airplane count on low and graphics near or at the lowest they can go. That was my experience from iOS 12.3 with Infinite Flight version 19.1.07, the reason I’m unable to tell you how it performs on version 19.3 is because I’m not updating it so I can still fly the decathlon. So in conclusion it’s not a very good user experience. This was on an iPad mini 2.

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RAM is one of many things that needs to be taken into account.

That variable alone is our minimum requirement, but how well the app performs also depends on the GPU, CPU and other things.


so is it possible ?

Without more information about device, no way to tell.

Yes it’s possible but it will be laggy depending on the device and you could experience unexpected crashes.

Specifically a samsung core a2

Then that would lag very hard.

It’s a bottom of the line phone with a ‘bad processor’

Trust me IF won’t even load on that.


OK Thanks man!

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Thank you guys!


Not exactly. @schyllberg’s whole point is that we need to know more about the device than the RAM. Your experience with your iPad is valid, and could prove useful, but Apple devices have a way of punching above there weight on paper due to excellent software optimization at the OS level, and generally speaking the most powerful CPU and GPU of a given generation. As he mentioned RAM is one of many factors, and for your device all the factors aligned to make it possible, it’s impossible to know yet if this will with for there device. Once we learned what the processor was we learned that it wouldn’t indeed be possible, wait till we have all the facts before you jump to a definitive conclusion.

I’d be expecting 4GB RAM when clouds come out lol 😂

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I think you might just be wrong in this instance…

Whilst the phone may not seem all that powerful, it does in fact support OpenGL 3 and it meets the minimum requirements for the simulator…

It won’t be a fun experience by any standards, but I’m pretty confident you’ll be at least able to log into the app and launch a flight.

Little tip for you @hari.shreyas, look at buying a second hand phone, perhaps a second hand Xperia Z5 or XZ1 if you can get it cheap enough, I use the latter myself as a secondary device and it runs the simulator absolutely fine 😜

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if you’re unable to answer the question, then there’s no need to flex your epic 8GB RAM phone on others who may not be as fortunate as you… have some empathy please.


TBH ram isn’t usually what causes problems for me. MIUI has a ram counter on the recents screen, and I can start lagging on my old phone when RAM is not running out. It’s more about the CPU and things like that.

Yeah, I was just exaggerating but I know it will be an awful experience.

Nobody said I was flexing. You cannot assume things like that. Go get offended yourself, the OP wasn’t in any way, neither should you. Look for public distress elsewhere. 😁