If I want to report an ATC on the Expert Server what can I do?

I was with an approach ATC and I believe he ignored me. I could hear the aircraft around and the ATC but they were not responding to me. I requested plenty of times. There must have been only three aircraft on the frequency. Thanks

PM the controller who was on duty at the time

Do you remember who the controller was?

If you can’t connect to ATC, it’s better off to divert to not get ghosted

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Sounds like a communication and connection problem. State the time, airport and frequency and we will figure it out


I was thinking the same fact. Are you sure the ATC is ignoring? It would be very strange that an IFATC ignores some aircraft, as our prime rule is to make all the aircraft have a safe flight from takeoff to landing. It seems that you minimized the app for some time or maybe you have disconnected in the middle of the flight and reconnected. This can produce aircraft with “Unknown” tags or failures to contact ATC’s.

It happened to me once and I ran the risk of being ghosted, so as my colleague LeoHund said above, it is better to divert or contact the ATC by PM.


If you are trying to communicate with ATC and they are not responding, please take a screen shot showing your communication log. If it is not busy it could be a communication issue. The controller will work with you the best you can as long as you are not interfering with other pilots or cutting in line. If necessary the controller may report you with the “Unable to communicate” reason which you can find in your log. Contact a moderator and we can take a look and reverse if needed.

I’ve been having the same problem all day at YSSY. I can’t get in touch with ATC for takeoff only with ground. I repeat my request a few times and response. I can hear him asking my intentions but he can not hear. I cannot figure out how to send him a PM to see if it’s my connect causing the problem. I have a screenshot of the times I asked for permission to takeoff on rwy 07. Can someone help please and thank you

Hey! Do you know the Zulu time this happened or the display name of the controller?

Hey! Yeah I took a screenshot of of the whole transmission. I made 2 attempts this was the second time after I restarted the whole game again. It’s been off and on since yesterday that I got access to expert. Yesterday it happened in SFO but I don’t have anything from those transmissions.

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Have you installed the latest hotfix? In the past this has occurred when the controller and pilot aren’t on the same version.

I just did it. I didn’t notice there was another update from 2 days ago. It did one update last week but not this one.

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That could be your problem, sometimes it doesn’t work when you’re on different updates.

Ok, I appreciate all the help. Hopefully that was the problem and it doesn’t happen again with the updated version now.

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