If i lock my iphone will the app still run?

Let say i want to do a flight between london and LA, it would take a few hours to complete the flight, would i be able to close the app or lock my phone so the battery doesnt run out fast and still be able to complete the flight? Or as soon as i close the app, the flight ends?

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No, you can’t lock & close. The app needs to be running for you to maintain a flight.


U can in sigle play but dont duble back and swipe up ur flight progress will not continue

Please don’t spread false information. The app will quit a short while after doing that.


I did it my self on sigle player

No you didn’t because it’s not possible ;)

Please don’t attempt to do that. I’ve tried it before and the app has closed.
And, even if the app doesn’t close, the flight doesn’t make any progress.

It is possible, but it will close down after some time.

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