If I impact or "cross" your plane at KATL, I'm sorry

Seems like Infinite Flight’s server have some problem, I can’t see other players at KATL.

And the ATC at KATL disappear too…So…uh, if I impact or “cross” your plane, sorry…

Seems to be working fine now!

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Yeah, it’s back to normal now. But 7 mins ago when I was taxiing at KATL ground, other players just display, gone, display, gone… @RafaelPadilla

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So I don’t know if I impact another plane lol

It appears that there have been some server issues as of late. It’s on and off but steady for the most part.

If you happen to be reported due to server issues, you can send your replay to @appeals, and I’m sure they’d gladly reverse it!

Happy flying!

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If the server cuts out and you can’t see other planes… don’t keep taxiing. It’s better not to get reported / taxi through someone than it is to get to your destination 7 mins sooner.