If I go Offline while flying is my flight lost

So to put a long story short I started a flight this morning (forgetting an electrition was coming in) And they shut power down to my house (which kills off the wifi) so they could fix something. Is my flight lost or will it re connect when able?

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It should re-connect when able.
Otherwise, you won’t lose the progress you’ve made up until the connection is dropped. XP and flight time are continuously added as you go.

Worth adding:
It should reconnect, but it doesn’t automatically mean it will. It’s always recommended do have a continuous connection or they might be some unforeseen side effects with terrain streaming and such. But now we’re talking worst case scenario.


It should reconnect when able. Just don’t disconnect if you arrive at your gate until your wifi comes back on. :)


No it wouldn’t, I have done it before and it keeps going. The only problem is you can’t use ATC or see other planes.

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