If I go around, how far out from the airport should I go until turning back to land.

I had to go around in expert server and I didn’t know how far to go because the tower didn’t tell me to turn base. Could you help me?

Thanks :)

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What type of plane?

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Dash 8, but any works

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don’t think this belongs in support, just so you know :)

Tower won’t tell you to turn base unless they have told you that they will call your base. Plan your altitude on your own, you should be about 2500-3000’ AGL at the base of the red cone :)

Sorry about the support

Ok thanks!

Heavy aircraft climb to 1000 ft AGL turn crosswind after you pass the opposite side of the runways threshold keep climbing to 1500 AGL level off crosswind and base should be no more then 3 miles from the threshold.

GA’s climb 500 AGL turn crosswind after you pass the opposite sides threshold continue climbing to 1000 AGL level off these patterns will be between 1/2-1 mile from the threshold.

Going around also involves side stepping the runway in the opposite direction of the traffic pattern.

This will also cover a pattern.


Are we doing a missed approach or a go around?

Go around, I was at about 50 feet and a plane crossed in front of me

Hmm… Good question


Thanks for the help :)

That’s why you side step the runway

But is it a crosswind if it’s still before the threshold? That’s a tough one…

Edited it would still be considered a crosswind but you shouldn’t turn it until you reach the opposite sides threshold.

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Well, this question bugs me as well. Today @Mats_Edvin_Aaro sent me around, due to missed approach, I was too high. He sent me around at beginning of glideslope cone, and I turned crosswind somewhere at middle of runway.

You’re welcome. :*


A missed approach and a go around are two completely different things.


Can you enlighten me? I know difference, but Tower can only issue go around, and I can only announce “missed approach” to approach controller, so how would I react in situation when it’s missed approach, but Tower issues go around?

If tower issues your go around you climb to pattern altitude and join the traffic pattern for a second attempt while staying with tower. If your on a missed approach you will be handed back to a radar facility for vectoring in a radar pattern.