IF..... I front of name

I wanted to know how people get the privilege of having IF… in front of their name. I see some grade 2s with it and want to know why. If it’s ok if someone can tell me if I’m aloud to. Thankyou.👍👍

Do you mean as in the Callsign? Because that is easily changed

View MD’s tutorial, it’ll show you how 😉


That’s just their callsign. For example, if someone was apart of Infinite Flight Aviation Experts, they are required to have “IFAE” in front of their callsign.

Ok thanks. It’s just I have seen many grade 2s and 1s with IF… I front of their name. Are they aloud that? Just wondering

Yes. They are. You’re allowed to have whatever you like as long as it’s not inappropriate.


So I’m aloud? Can I have something like IFM as in Infinite flight member

Yes - it’s your unique name. As long as it’s not inappropriate, like what Seb said.

Thanks. You can close the topic if you want. Thankyou