If I do a short haul/medium haul, game should not crash?

Hello! if I do a Medium haul flight, like KLAX-KJFK, it is around 4 and a half hours, because it is not 6+ hours, the game should be 100% fine right?

Yes, you should be fine :)

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ok! thankyou, just making sure that I can still do medium hauls like that, thankyou =)

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If you’re worried about your game crashing, keep your graphics on low/medium.

If you follow the suggestions listed in the Support FAQ 19.4 topic, you should be fine. Basically, restart your device, lower your graphics, set the aircraft count to “LOW” or “NONE”, turn off anti aliasing and you should land safely without your app crashing.


Well, it will reduce the chance of it. I wouldn’t say 100% fine, but it should be good. I have had it crash many a time recently on that kind of length, but, if you follow the guidelines, it shouldn’t crash.

Just flew 16.5 hours KDFW to YSSY with no issues at all. Follow the recommendations from the support post, and change your camera to cockpit view to point at the ceiling when cruising (meaning no scenery loading) and you will be fine.

It depends really as myself & other people I know have had app crashes on flights just over an hour. Just keep your graphics on low & screen brightness well down you should be fine

I crashed in the menus earlier so don’t trust it too much 😂

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I followed the guideline and given and I crashed on the 10 hour long haul I did last night and some hopping in a c172

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