If I Create an Aeromexico or Mexicana VA

Hi i have been thinking about Making a VA As Aeromexico Or Mexicana and my question is, if i create it will you join? please tell me and thanks-Hola he estado pensando en crear una Aerolinea como Aeromexico o Mexicana y mi pregunta es,si es que la creo,Entrarias? Por favor dimelo y gracias

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Yo si. Lo haría encantado.

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Pero cual Mexicana o Aeromexico

Si tuviera que elegir me gusta Aeromexico pero me da igual cualquiera de las dos.

@gea si es k la hago kieres un puesto corporativo

Vale no me importaria. Te puedo ayudar a reclutar.

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No muy bien la verdad

Oh voy a contratar a sketch flight entonses

@gea @rafael_munguia remember guys, let’s keep it English. I have nothing against the Spanish language, in fact, I think it’s a great language! @rafael_munguia People will join eventually if you start it up. Just make sure nobody has already claimed. If no one has created one, go for it!


I just answer in in Spanish because he answered in Spanish


Fair enough. Just keep in mind this is an English speaking forum :)


I’d love to join AeroMexico VA, it sounds fun! If you are looking for help creating it, send a message!


I would love to join I can fly the 737-700 and 777, I’m also a VA consultant so if you need help PM me

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Ok i will tell you when its ready


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